“We’re all just walking each other home.”

Ram Dass

Initial Consultation

This time together allows you to discern if I can indeed be of service to you, and offers me opportunity to gather your information and understand what you are asking for in me.

While we can certainly spend time together on an hourly basis, I offer different packages that may be more helpful.

My Grief Coaching services are available for those who are processing a sorrow of anticipatory death, that of caretaker to a dying loved one, have survived the death of a loved one, or are undergoing cancer treatments, regardless of prognosis.

My Doula services are available for those who simply wish to plan ahead in case they find themselves in crisis down the road, have recently been given a life-changing diagnosis, or are nearing the end of their lives here.

Complimentary (30 minutes - 1 hour)

Grief Coaching

At its core, coaching is a relationship designed to help the client transform their life. It is a conversation between two people that evokes a thoughtful and creative platform for success.

Coaching is not therapy. I do not tell my clients what to do or how to solve their issue. As a coach, I am charged with supporting and compassionately companioning my clients in traversing the journey of grief and mourning.

Anticipatory grief is the set of emotions associated with sorrow before the expected loss itself, happens. It can be complicate at best. Trying to stay hopeful and positive while also grappling with an understanding of what will ultimately happen, can be very difficult to manage alone.

When we are the Caretaker for an individual who is dying, our own emotional and physical resources can be easily depleted before we know it. Along with love and compassion we might also feel anger and then feel guilty for feeling angry. It’s important to stay as well as possible while we are supporting the dying of someone we love.

The death of a loved one changes us. Sometimes we pay attention. Sometimes we keep it at arm’s length. We might even begin to drown in our grief. At some point we have to do the work of grief if we want to learn how to live alongside it into our new life.

Undergoing cancer treatment not only affects us physically, it also weighs on us emotionally. We have an enemy inside us we are trying to kill with a poison that wreaks havoc on our otherwise healthy body. The process alone is disturbing, painful and exhausting. Many suffer from PTSD from the experience of undergoing treatments and all they entail.

The specialty of Grief Coaching helps to adjust and plan in ways meaningful for the client. Going through the evolution of grief through to mourning, with the compassion of a coach takes the feeling of being alone out of the loss.

Inquire for information on hourly rate and available packages.

Life Review & Vigil Planning

Coming face to face with one’s mortality often creates a time of deep reflection that can evolve into the creation of something tangible to represent our life. During this time of Life Review, you may also realize you want to resolve a conflict, perhaps through forgiveness of one’s self or another person. You may discover profound gratitude, and long to reach out for deep connection with certain people. 

Planning your unique Vigil is the opportunity to design your final space. What would you love to be looking at or hearing, smelling or touching? Who do you want near you? Who do you not want to be with you? Are there rituals or celebrations you might wish for, to take place during and after your death?

  • Initial visit to hear your story and what matters most
  • Explore your life to bring meaning & awareness of the impact left
  • Development of a personal Vigil Plan
  • Follow your ongoing progress routinely
  • Initiate your Vigil Plan when death is near
  • Creation of ritual to mark the beginning and ending of each visit
$600 (6 sessions/1-2 hours per visit)

Add-On Sessions

- Continue Life Review and Deeper Meaning Sessions
- Give you or your family additional respite care
- NTD - Nurturing Touch for the Dying:
This collection of techniques was developed by Elizabeth Erbrecht to be used specifically in touching the ill and those dying:
Letter Writing
Following dictation sessions I will return with printed versions of letters ready for your signature. I can mail or distribute them to your loved ones when you wish.
Guided Imagery Sessions
This relaxation method is often used to manage anxiety or pain. You may wish to experience our sessions alone or include family or your visitors. I can also teach anyone you like to facilitate this technique in my absence.
$1000 (10 sessions/1-2 hours per visit)

Also Offering

EOLD support and resources for you and your companion animals, from canine to equine, during illness, euthanasia, or natural dying.

$50 per hour

"We must accept sadness as an appropriate, natural stage of loss."

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross